President Trump and 55 leaders in Riyadh Summit

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President Trump and 55 leaders in Riyadh Summit
-Almadaen - alriyadh

President Trump will be in Riyadh where three summits will be held on (20 and 21 May 2017). He will meet with leaders of 55 Islamic and Arabic countries. According to the official website, Trump will meet Saudi Arabia leaders and leaders of Islamic countries, a Saudi-American summit, the Gulf of America summit and Islamic American summit.

The summit will have a series of bilateral meetings between King Salman and President Trump, focusing on reaffirming the long-stand friendship between the two countries, also strengthening the economic, cultural, securities and close political.

The GCC leaders will meet with Trump to discuss the threat, which face with security and stability in the region and to reinforce trade relations between GCC and US.

Trump wants to build stronger effective security partnership to prevent the international threats of terrorism and promoting values of tolerance and moderation. Also, activating the social media role against terrorism,

Then, Next to the summit will be the Saudi-American CEO Forum to strength trade relations to overcome difficulties in making closer economic relations

On the first day, Trump will visit King Abdul-Aziz Historical Center and The Global Center for Countering Radical Thought will be opened supporting the positive dialogue, seeking to prevent the spread of extremist ideas.

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