Pentagon: No joint naval exercise with Qatar

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Pentagon: No joint naval exercise with Qatar
The USS Chinook
-Almadaen- Hassan Fathy

Cmdr. Bill Urban declared on Thursday that The USS Chinook and US Coast Guard Cutter Baranof, both were in Doha. Cmdr. It was a routine port visit, he added. According to Qatar News Agency, the presence is a part of a “joint exercise” with the Qatari navy.
However, Bill Urban later told The Associated Press that the US Navy did “not have a scheduled exercise at this time.”
“U.S. 5th Fleet ships conduct similar port visits throughout the region as part of our normal operations,” Urban added.
In additions, The rift between Qatar and Arab Nations, all US allies, has put America in a delicate situation. Mattis said Qatar is “moving in the right direction,” while Trump has accused Doha of funding terrorist groups, one of the main allegations levied by Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Bahrain when they initially cut diplomatic ties on June 5.

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