Allawi accuses Doha of planing to split Iraq

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Allawi accuses Doha of planing to split Iraq
Ayad Allawi
-Almadaen- Hassan Fathy

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE and Bahrain have broken off ties and imposed sanctions on Doha, accusing it of supporting terrorism and courting regional rival Iran. Iraq Vice President Lyad Allawi said on Saturday (June 17, 2017) Qatar promoted a plan to split Iraq sectarian lines, voicing support for the isolation of Qatar by some Arab countries. Allawi’s position as vice president is not like Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi who said the isolation hurts the population, not the Qatari government. The prime minister belongs to the Dawa party, which traditionally has close ties to Iran, Saudi Arabia’s regional foe.
“In Iraq, Qatar adopted a project similar to that of Iran; to split Iraq into a Sunni region in exchange for a Shiite region,” Allawi said in Cairo. “Unfortunately, some Arab states were silent when it came to Qatar.” Allawi was in Cairo to meet Al-Sisi for discussions about oil and the conflicts in Syria, Yemen and Libya.
“It is time we all spoke honestly and made things clear (to the Qataris) so we can reach some results,” Allawi said. “After that confrontation, comes reconciliation.”

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