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-Almadaen- Hassan Fathy

Mohammed bin Salman became the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, 21 June 2017. He was also named Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense.

Mohammed bin Salman was born in 1985, served as the Chief of the Royal Court and chairs the powerful Council for Economic and Development Affairs. He has become the government’s face of reform, modernization and change. The Crown Prince received his education at Riyadh Schools where he ranked among the top 10 students upon graduation. He received his bachelor’s degree in law from King Saud University, where he graduated second in his class. He gained international experience in corporate governance and international finance, before pursuing a career in public service for Saudi Arabia. His first political career was as a consultant to the Experts Commission under the Saudi Cabinet.

On December 2009, the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was appointed as special advisor to Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz, who at the time was governor of Riyadh Province. During this period, the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was secretary-general of the Riyadh Competitive Council. The crown Prince was also a special advisor to the chairman of the Board for the King Abdulaziz Foundation for Research and Archives, then he became Supervisor of Prince Salman, the Crown Prince’s Office. By royal decree in March 2013, the Crown Prince was appointed head of the Crown Prince Court with the rank of minister and special advisor to then Prince Salman. On April 2014, he was appointed as a state minister and member of Cabinet.

In addition, his history of philanthropic initiatives has earned him many awards. In 2011, the Crown Prince established the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Foundation, otherwise known as MISK, which enables young Saudis to learn, develop and progress in the fields of business, literature, culture, science and technology, and sociology.

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