The boycotting countries: Qatar’s deadline has extra 48 hours

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The boycotting countries: Qatar’s deadline has extra 48 hours
Kuwait’s Sheikh Sabah Al-Jaber
-Almadaen- Hassan Fathy

Kuwaiti government requested extending the 10-day deadline that given to Doha to the list of 13 demands by 48 hours and In a joint statement, The boycotting countries agreed.

The relations between Qatar and several Arab nations intensified on Monday (June 5, 2017) when Saudi Arabia closed its land border with Qatar and at least five Gulf-based airlines announced they will halt service to the desert peninsula nation.

The request for an extension came after Kuwait’s Sheikh Sabah Al-Jaber received Qatari Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammad Al-Thani who handed over a letter from Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, included Doha’s response to the list of demands passed on by Kuwait to Doha on behalf of the boycotting countries, the government said in a statement according to Kuwait’s news agency KUNA.

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    عادل الصاعدي

    I hope from Qatar to think a lot about this problem

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    عادل الصاعدي

    Good luck for whole GCC country

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