Saudi Arabia rejects all attempts to politicize the Hajj

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Saudi Arabia rejects all attempts to politicize the Hajj
-Almadaen- Hassan Fathy

The Central Hajj Committee’s chairman Prince Khaled Al-Faisal said on Monday August 7, 2017 that Saudi Arabia has rejected all attempts to politicize and internationalize the Hajj. Speaking at the inauguration of the “Hajj is Worship and Civilized Behavior” campaign, he said, “Hajj is a message of peace”. Qatar’s campaign always tries to reduce the role of Saudi Arabia in providing services to pilgrims, Prince Khaled Al-Faisal said: “The answer is in the title of this campaign – There can be no politicization of pilgrimage.” Saudi Arabia’s leadership, government and people were keen to provide everything to serve the Hajj pilgrims, and to enable them to perform their pilgrimage with ease, he added. Urging all pilgrims to be infused with Islamic ethics and to be a model of Muslim civilization. “The campaign since its inception has achieved great achievements and successes, including the reduction of the rate of offenders to 5 percent during the pilgrimage season compared to 9 percent in the previous year,” he said. “There is a lot of doubting, but the lesson is in the results and the achievement. The regulations will be applied firmly and with Islamic ethics,” he added.

Prince Khaled declared that the Makkah Region Development Authority had implemented projects worth SR300 million for this year to improve Hajj services and develop them in the current Hajj season. The authority and the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah would implement a large project in the holy sites to be announced in due course, he added. “All sectors have their achievements in the pilgrimage season.”
The campaign by Emirate of Makkah in 2008, for spreading the Hajj message of peace. It will work to consolidate the ultimate goal of bringing millions together for performing a pillar of Islam based on peace and spirituality. The objectives of the campaign are to educate pilgrims to abide by public laws and regulations, thus contributing significantly to a safe and peaceful pilgrimage. The campaign targets citizens, residents, Tawafa organizations, Hajj companies, the transport sector and the media.

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