Gulf Association warns Qatar’s government not to detain pilgrims

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Gulf Association warns Qatar’s government not to detain pilgrims
-Almadaen- Hassan Fathy

Gulf Association for Rights and Freedoms warned Qatar’s government not to detain the Qatari pilgrims. It also demanded the pilgrims’ safety, and asked the international community to take deterrent measures against Qatar and protect the pilgrims. Stressing on the importance that Qatar must respect a basic right, the freedom to practice religious rights including performing pilgrimage by Qatari citizens and expatriates in Qatar.

Gulf association stated: “The authorities in Qatar have tried to politicize the issue of Haj, but their attempt has been a total failure, as performing religious rites including Haj is a basic right stipulated by international law.”

“Guaranteeing the safety and security of Qatari pilgrims following their return from the Haj this year is the responsibility of the Qatari authorities,” the association added. It called on the Qatari authorities not to deepen the rift, stop violation of rights and desist from supporting terrorism in the region.

Geneva Office of the Arab Federation for Human Rights called for protection of the inviolability of the human body and countering systematic torture in Qatar. It said the Qatari pilgrim Hamad Abdulhadi Al-Dhabab Al-Kahlah Al-Marri was tortured following his detention and interrogation by the Qatari State Security on his arrival back home from Haj.

The charges included traveling to Saudi Arabia to perform Haj and giving statements to the media praising the services provided to the pilgrims. While he was being tortured, he was forcefully videoed.

The federation issues an urgent appeal to the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Human Rights Council, in its 36th session, and UN rapporteur for combating torture to ensure the cessation of these practices. The federation condemns the frequent instances of torture whether inside the Qatari detention centers or prisons. This confirms that the culture of violence and extracting confessions are still existing and in force in Qatar.

The Arab Federation demands that all those proved to have been involved in torture crimes in Qatar to be taken to task to guarantee the rule of law and no escape from punishment. It calls on the Qatari government to immediately stop the practice of torture. It stressed that it is necessary to reform the security and prison apparatuses in Qatar to make the staff in these facilities comply with and respect the law and prevent slipping into systematic violations.

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