Saudi Foreign Ministry: Qatari News Agency continues to distort facts

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Saudi Foreign Ministry: Qatari News Agency continues to distort facts
-Almadaen- Hassan Fathy

A Saudi official of Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that what the Qatari News Agency published did not have any relevance to truth, and it is a continuation of the distortion of the facts by the Qatari authority, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported late Friday night.

The Qatari authority has not yet understood that Saudi Arabia is not ready at all to tolerate the change by the Qatari authority of agreements and facts. This is evident in the distortion of the content of the telephone call received by the Crown Prince from the Emir of Qatar minutes after its completion.

It was a request of Qatar for dialogue with the four countries on the list of 13 demands. As this proves that the Qatari authority is not serious about dialogue and is continuing its previous policies, Saudi Arabia declares that any dialogue or communication with the Qatari authority shall be suspended until a clear statement explaining its position is made in public and that its public statements are in conformity with its obligations. Saudi Arabia affirms that the flounder of the Qatari policy does not enhance the confidence needed for dialogue.

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