Qatar distorts facts

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Qatar distorts facts
Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman_Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani
-Almadaen- Hassan Fathy

Saudi Arabia on Saturday (9, September) suspended any dialogue with Qatar, which has been distorting facts. Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman received a telephone call on Friday (8, September) from Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani, the Emir of Qatar, as Sheikh Tamim expressed his desire to sit at the dialogue table and discuss the demands of the four countries. The Crown Prince welcomed the desire of Sheikh Tamim.

The Qatari News Agency (QNA) stated that the contact was based on the coordination of US President Trump who had earlier talked with Sheikh Tamim, but the Agency completely distorted the content of the call.
Then, a Saudi second statement was issued, citing an official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs denying the QNA report.

“What was published on the Qatar News Agency is a continuation of the distortion of the Qatari authority of the facts,” Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

The authority in Qatar has not yet understood that Saudi Arabia is not ready at all to tolerate the change by the Qatari authority of agreements and facts.

The contact was a Qatari request for dialogue with four countries fighting terrorism. This proves that the Qatari authority is not serious in dialogue and continues its previous policies, so Saudi Arabia declares that any dialogue or communication with the authority in Qatar will be suspended until a clear statement explaining its position is made in public and that its public statements are in conformity with its obligations. Saudi Arabia affirms that the flounder of the Qatari policy does not bolsters the confidence needed for dialogue.

Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman received a telephone call from US President Donald Trump, they reviewed the bilateral relations and developments in the region and the world. They also stressed the need for all countries to abide by the commitments they made at the Riyadh Summit aimed at defeating terrorism, its financing and combating extremist ideology. In addition, the need to strengthen the security of the region and the danger of the Iranian regime, and they stressed the depth of the strategic relations between the two countries and strengthening them to serve the two friendly peoples.

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