State Security: thwarting of Daash’s plan aimed at the Defense Ministry

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State Security: thwarting of Daash’s plan aimed at the Defense Ministry

The Presidency of State Security announced today (Tuesday, September 12, 2017) the thwarting of Daash’s plan which was targeting two headquarters of the Defense Ministry in Riyadh.

An official source stated that the State Security Presidency has succeeded in a process of detecting and thwarting a terrorist plot of Daash that was targeting two headquarters of the Ministry of Defense in Riyadh, The results of the security operation:

He added that the suicide bombers, Ahmed Yaser al-Kaldi and Ammar Ali Mohammed, were arrested before reaching the target location and their threat was neutralized and controlled by the security men.

The investigations revealed that they have the Yemeni nationality; also, their names differed from those recorded in the identity cards. In addition, two Saudis were arrested and investigations about their relationship with the two Yamani bombers. The investigations will not announce their names now.

Two explosive belts (each one 7 kilograms) were seized, also 9 homemade grenades, firearms and home weapons, as well as arrest a place in Al-Rimal neighborhood of Riyadh which was for Suicide bombers and training.

He said that the investigations are continuing in this case and that they are being held to cover all the details of this terrorist plan and will announce what is new soon.

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