António Guterres supports terrorism and Houthis

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António Guterres supports terrorism and Houthis
António Guterres
Alriyadh-Almadaen- Hassan Fathy

The bankruptcy of UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, in dealing with the Yemeni issue, and accompanying fabrications and misinformation of international public opinion, and his tendencies towards Al-Houthi terrorist group, appears to be an extension of his past failure when he led his government in Portugal to bankruptcy and the collapse of the economy. So, he was expelled from the government because of his hesitation, weak abilities and decisions.

António Guterres and the collapse of the economy

Guterres’ failure syndrome began since he was a member of the Socialist Party in Portugal, then he became the prime minister of Portugal. The man led the Portuguese government to bankruptcy. Before being an adviser to the government bank, He had failed miserably and he had not succeed in his mission. As a result, he was expelled of the government because of his hesitation and weak decisions, which caused an economy collapse, where he was known for his weakness in the management of the files entrusted to him and failed for the most part.

Abhorrent racism

Guterres was known for his racist treatment to the refugees when he served as UN President of the UNHCR. During his tenure as Secretary, he neglected the Palestinian issue, ignored the suffering of Rohingyas, and frustrated UN’s humanitarian relief work. Also, parties and organizations has penetrated his administration in Yemen to include forged reports and false statistics.

The autobiography of Guterres insures that, after his resignation from the post as prime minister, he served as an adviser to the board of directors of Public Deposits Fund, the only governmental bank in Portugal, and failed in his mission.

Refugee Affairs

The man had failed and left Portugal with his disappointed. He was appointed in 2005 as a head of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), where he remained in this post until 2015, accompanied by his many racial prejudices which were known throughout the world.

During his political career in Portugal he had some unexpected and counter-logical reactions. For example, there was attempts to appoint him as President of the European Commission, succeeding Jack Santier and Jack Delor. Despite the support of the European Union members and Jack Delor himself as the best candidate for his successor, Guterres has failed and has refused to run.

Escape from confrontation

The man decided to resign from his post as President of the Portuguese government unexpectedly in 2001, an escape from facing the decline of political support for his government as the results of the Municipal elections had showed.

Guterres faced the Indonesian President Suharto directly and unexpectedly during the EU summit in Bangkok in 1996, asking him to release the leader of Timorese resistance who was detained in Jakarta, in exchange for Portugal’s approval of opening new offices to take care of the interests of the two countries in two embassies of friendly countries, in Lisbon and Jakarta.

When he was President of government in Portugal, he caused a destruction in the country’s economy, he did not realize in the right time that there must be a new manner to change the economic approach that is applied in the country which based on debt and the deficit in budget.

Subduedness and lack of courage

The Public opinion has criticized the Portuguese man for his government’s handling of some internal issues then. Also, The government’s retreat from its previous decisions such as the establishment of waste treatment plants and the prevention of bullfight in several areas of Portugal.

His critics was within the Socialist Party about his hesitation and chaos in the way he built his political career. He rejected a request of some Portuguese Presidents of the Socialists to hold some positions or to nominate himself for other positions.  He was known for his subjugation and lack of courage to face the members of his government when he was making ministerial amendments, he excluded some government members.

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