Al-Houthi… human trafficking and children abduction

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Al-Houthi… human trafficking and children abduction
Alriyadh-Almadaen- Hassan Fathy

The number of kidnaped children in Yemen has increased excessively, especially in the provinces which under the control of Coup militia, including the capital, Sana’a. The kidnapping included children of males and females, from the age of 10 years up to 20 years old.

Dozens of reports

Sana’a police departments and the cities which under the control of Coup have received people rushed to report the disappearing of their children in an increasingly and mysterious manner. Yemeni sources said that gangs carried out kidnapping under the protection of Popular Committees leaders of Coup militia, in collusion with them. Adding that the police departments received hundreds of reports of children disappearance, especially girls of collectively.

Parent’s advice for Children

Phenomenon of disappeared dozens of children has raised fear and terror among the people of Sana’a, which under Houthi militia’s control. In addition, there are indications shows the involvement of Coup leaders in networks of human trafficking and sale of organs. People in Sanaa exchanges messages and advice via WhatsApp to reduce children Kidnapping, summarized in educating children and girls how to escape from these gangs and their different ways to kidnap children. Including, not standing with any stranger in streets on a pretext that he inquires about address. Avoid taking juices or the open water bottles; it must be bought from well-known places. In addition, not to use pocket wipes from an unknown person, and not to help anyone they do not know, even if he is blind, lame or paralyzed. In addition, not to help any disabled person to enter public baths, even bathrooms mosques. Not to drink juices cans because could be injected with anesthetic needle. A lot of advises were exchanged.

Human organ trade

Yemeni sources confirmed the kidnapping of Yemen’s children is not for the purpose of ransom but is for trafficking in human organs. Yemeni Minister of Human Rights, Dr. Mohammed Askar, has accused Al-Houthi militia of being involved in serious irregularities and violations against the children of Yamen since the fall of Sana’a 2014, included kidnapping, killing, forcing them to participate in fighting, and forcing young people to take drugs and hallucinations pills. UN revealed in its report that more than 1,700 children aged 10, were recruited by Al-Houthis in the war during the past three years. While reports indicate that Coup’s militia exempted more than 5000 students in areas under Coup’s control from the tests, aiming to recruit them and push them to the war. Activists and observers inside Yemen have warned that Coup’s militia kidnaps children from the age of 10 and above, and put them into battle after fleding of thousands of their fighters after heavy strikes by the Yemeni army and popular resistance in several provinces. A Yemeni activist stated that Coup’s militia and their leaders said Al-Houthis were pushing Yemenis to the fight, using them as shields, while sending their children to universities and taking up leadership positions. He added that the militia is taking children from villages without the knowledge of their families, returning them in coffins, it makes the graves in the villages stretch to great distances and the orchards and farms disappeared after Houthi turned them into tombs.

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