KSrelief’s Projects in Yamen valued 710 million dollars

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KSrelief’s Projects in Yamen valued 710 million dollars
Alriyadh-Almadaen- Hassan Fathy

King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre has provided by 710,534,133 $ aid to Yamen’s people until now.

The Centre carried out 161 different projects in all governorates in various fields, including relief, humanitarian, housing assistance, environmental sanitation programs, and support programs of agriculture and water, in professional methods in cooperation with 85 national and local partners.

The aids focused on projects of children and women, also supporting for Yemeni refugees in Djibouti and Somalia.

In the field of food security, shelter programs, and management and coordination the camps, 60 projects of $ 949,186,264 million that benefited 337,164.22 million individual, while partners’ number reached 26.

In addition, education, protection and early recovery programs, included about 18 projects valued $ 78,846,278, benefiting 3,915,336 million individual through 13 partners.

In the field of Health, Nutrition, Water and Environmental Sanitation, the Centre provided 73 projects with valued of $ 310,989,936, benefiting 72,632,891 individuals, partners’ number reached 43 partners.

The field of emergency communications and logistics projects, support and coordination of humanitarian operations, the center allocated 10 projects, benefiting 15,112 beneficiaries through three partners, valued 56,510,970 $.

King Salman Relief Centre and Humanitarian Aid has received greetings of the leaders of world states, community leaders, international and regional organizations, working in the fields of relief and humanitarian services. Also visitors, because of its professional service.

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