Hariri: My resignation is a positive shock

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Hariri: My resignation is a positive shock
Prime Minister Hariri gives a live TV interview in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Sunday Nov. 12, 2017 on Future TV

The outgoing prime minister of Lebanon Saad Hariri said on Sunday that he would return to Beirut within days after making the necessary security arrangements, in a reference to the threats to his life that he mentioned when he announced his resignation earlier last week.

“My focus is on the interest of Lebanon and my resignation is for its own sake,” he said. “My main task is to preserve Lebanon. What is happening is a regional threat to Lebanon. I resigned and I will go to Lebanon and follow the constitutional means.”

“King Salman considers me like his son. The Crown Prince has all the respect for me. The stability of Lebanon is an essential asset for King Salman and the Crown Prince,” he stressed.

“My resignation is a positive shock. The danger in Lebanon still exists from several sources”, he added.

“Settlement in Lebanon is based solely on self-exclusion,” he said. “I submitted my resignation so there would be an awakening. I will return to Lebanon very soon.”

“We must correct things and adhere to the policy of distancing ourselves,” Hariri said

Saying he will return, “To complete the procedures for the resignation and the negotiation of a formula. I was silent in order to allow people to absorb and reflect on the resignation and its repercussions. I have been in my house since I arrived in Riyadh.”

“Stability in Lebanon is our supreme interest and my resignation is a positive shock that must be understood,” he said. “My relationship with the Saudi Crown Prince is excellent, solid and distinctive, and I consider him a brother and he considers me as a brother”. “I tell President Aoun that I will return and negotiate Lebanon’s interests.”

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