President Hadi calls on Yemenis to rise up against the Houthi militias

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President Hadi calls on Yemenis to rise up against the Houthi militias
Yemen's President Abdrabbu Mansour Hadi
Riyadh-Hassan Fathy

After the killing of ex-President Ali Abdullah Saleh, Yemen’s President Abdrabbu Mansour Hadi offered his condolences to the Yemeni people on Saleh’s death. He also called on Monday on all Yemeni people to fight against the Houthi militias.

He said that the army stationed at the borders of Sanaa will support the uprising.

“Let’s join hands to eradicate the terrorist Houthi militias,” he stressed.

“We will achieve victory and Yemen will return to the Arab fold with support from the Coalition,” he said.

“We are passing through a fateful and decisive turn that will reveal everyone’s mettle,” he added.

“The Yemeni people have suffered too long, their suffering caused by the criminal Houthi gangs,” he stated.

Ex-President Saleh ruled Yemen for more than 30 years, stitching alliances and playing off one tribe against another. Saleh once described governing the country as like dancing on the heads of snakes.

The former president Saleh was replaced in 2012 by his deputy, Hadi, against whom he joined forces with the Houthis to stage a coup. Saudi Arabia formed a military coalition in 2015 to restore Hadi’s internationally recognized government. On Saturday, Saleh had turned his back on the Houthis and offered talks with the Saudi-led coalition.

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