Military source: 20 Houthis gunmen killed near Al-Khoukha

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Military source: 20 Houthis gunmen killed near Al-Khoukha
Riyadh-Hassan Fathy

A military source said that the Yemeni army, supported by the popular resistance, purged several areas south of Hodeidah, and attacked the militias’ posts from the three fronts of al-Hameli, Yakhtal and al-Zahari, south of Khoukha. Adding that the army seized the area of Rouwais and the strategic Harzeen mountain. Around 20 Houthi militiamen were reported killed and 11 others were captured following violent clashes with the Yemeni army on the outskirts of al-Khoukha city, south of Hodeidah.

15 Houthis were killed in clashes with legitimate forces in the Midi front, Military sources in the fifth military zone said. Confirming that Houthi militias launched an attack on border guards in the southeast of the Midi front early Tuesday morning. The sources added that Houthi gunmen involved in the attack fled after suffering these losses and could not even get the bodies of their deceased men from the field.

Earlier, Ex-President Ali Abdullah Saleh was killed during fierce clashes in the capital Sanaa with Houthi militias, Sources from Yemen’s General People’s Congress confirmed.

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