Media Observatory condemns the Houthi attack on Yemen Today channel

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Media Observatory condemns the Houthi attack on Yemen Today channel
Agency-hassan fathy

Yemen’s Media Observatory has expresses deep concern that the Houthi militia continues to detained dozens of media colleagues working for the Yemen Today channel for 6 days in the channel’s office south of Sana’a amid mysterious circumstances threatening their lives.

The Media Observatory has received complaints from their colleagues and the families of some of the detained journalists, stating that the 41 individuals detained by the Houthi militia were detained by the militia in one of the offices of the channel after the Houthis raided and attacked it.

The station was shut down and later operated by the militia in a way that reflected the reality of the criminal militia, which has systematically targeted journalists and the media since its invasion of the capital Sanaa in September 2014.

The Observatory condemns the attacks and crimes committed by the Houthi militia against these detained journalists and other journalists who have been kidnapped for more than two years and have suffered from psychological and physical torture. It calls on international organizations concerned with human rights and press freedom to release our media colleagues from Yemen Today and their predecessors.

The Media Observatory holds responsibility for these crimes against the media and the dangers that threaten them at the Houthis, especially considering that among them are elderly people who are suffering from diseases in addition to the threats to their lives and the terrible conditions of detention.

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