Palestine’s FM: the American administration became a party involved in the conflict

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Palestine’s FM: the American administration became a party involved in the conflict
Palestine's Foreign Minister Riyad Al-Maliki
Riyadh-Hassan Fathy

Palestine’s Foreign Minister Riyad Al-Maliki stressed on Saturday (December 9, 2017) that all options are open to the Palestinian command when dealing with the US’s recent move on Jerusalem. Al-Maliki said that Israel was pressuring other countries to recognize Jerusalem as its capital.
“Palestine completely rejects the American decision. It’s illegitimate, illegal and null, and it reflects the American administration’s retreat from its international stance,” Al-Maliki said during a press conference at the Palestinian embassy’s headquarters in Cairo. “Jerusalem is part of the Palestinian state. US President Donald Trump’s declaration on Jerusalem does not have any repercussions on Jerusalem’s legal status,” Al-Maliki added.
Al-Maliki also said that by making this decision, the American administration altered its role as a mediator and became a party involved in the conflict. “This decision contradicts any role the US can play in the peace process,” he added.
“We will ask all countries that recognize Palestine to recognize East Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Palestine,” he said.
Al-Maliki also called on Arabs to deepen their solidarity with the Palestinian people in Jerusalem, saying that he will request several countries to officially voice their rejection of Trump’s decision and to deem it illegal and voiced hope that everyone makes efficient decisions. “It’s time that the UN and all countries recognize the independent sovereign state of Palestine with its capital as East Jerusalem,” he stressed.

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