Houthis seize 1223 Yemeni bank accounts

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Houthis seize 1223 Yemeni bank accounts
Riyadh - Almadaen-Hassan Fathy

The Houthi militia have ordered to seize and detain the banks accounts and properties of more than 1,000 Yemeni officials including ministers in the legitimate government, political activists, those against the coup, and upper and middle party leaders, and the Central Bank of Yemen in Sanaa ordered banks in the private and mixed sectors to detain a number of bank accounts.

The statements, released under the name of the “Committee for the collection and receipt of traitors’ property (CCRTP)” included nearly 1223 names the Houthi’s have labelled as “traitors”, a list starts with the Minister of Social Affairs and Labor in the legitimate Yemeni government, Ibtihaj Abdullah al-Kamal and Yousef Hussein Mahdi.

CCRTP justified its decision as being based on what it has called the Specialized Criminal Apparatus and therefore requested the Central Bank to circulate its decision to seize accounts and properties to all official and private banks in accordance to the attached memo dated on December 23.

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