Yemeni Army: Coalition raids kill dozens of the Houthis fighters in Al-Jawf

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Yemeni Army: Coalition raids kill dozens of the Houthis fighters in Al-Jawf
Riyadh - Almadaen-Hassan Fathy

The Saudi-led coalition has launched intensive air raids on the Houthi positions in the province of al-Jawf north of the country, killing and injuring dozens of the Houthi militia fighters, the Yemeni army announced.

“The air raids targeted sites and mechanisms of combat and weapons storages of the militia located in the Ham camp in the directorate of Mitoun north of the province,” the official website of the Yemeni army quoted a field source.

The raids led to the deaths and injuries of the militia, and the destruction of heavy vehicles along with weapons and ammunition, the source said. Adding that other raids targeted a gathering of militia elements in a training camp led by the Houthi leader Abdul-Karim al-Houthi, in the valley of Soda Madhab, located between the directorates of Burt al-Marashi and Harf Sufian. He also confirmed that the raids resulted in dozens of deaths and injuries among the Houthis.

Under the cover of the Arab coalition air forces, the Yemeni army has liberated large areas in the border province of al-Jawf with Saudi Arabia. Most notably, they took control over the region and the Ajashr strategic camp and consolidated the Jawf and Saada, the main stronghold of the Houthi militia in the far north of Yemen.

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