Saudi FM: the Kingdom fought terrorism through 13 steps in 2017

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Saudi FM: the Kingdom fought terrorism through 13 steps in 2017
Riyadh - Almadaen-Hassan Fathy

The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that the Kingdom had fought terrorism and dried up its sources in 2017 through 13 active steps, including cutting relations with Qatar.

The Ministry explained via Twitter the steps taken by the Kingdom to limit the activity of terrorism, including the classification of 68 individuals and 21 entities on the lists of  terrorism, the seizure of a number of sites and the arrest of elements belonging to Daash, and the 11 al-Qaeda financiers and the terrorists.

The Ministry said that one of the steps taken by the Kingdom in the fight against terrorism was the abort of terrorist work targeted the Grand Mosque, in addition to publishing a list of 40 members belonging to the Houthi terrorist group.

The Ministry also said that it foiled a terrorist attack targeting two headquarters of Defense Ministry, and seized of terrorist and intelligence cells that train suicide bombers, as well as terrorist elements north of Awamiyah.

The Ministry stressed that the measures taken by the Kingdom to combat terrorism and the drying up of its sources in 2017, were the establishment of the center of “moderate” (Eatidal) to combat extremist ideology and the establishment of the Presidency of State Security.

The Kingdom has also cut the diplomatic ties with Qatar because Qatar supports terrorism, and has provided 100 million euros to launch an anti-terrorism force in the African Coast.

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