Security Council rejects Iranian regime’s suppression to the demonstrators

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Security Council rejects Iranian regime’s suppression to the demonstrators
Almadaen - Agencies-Hassan Fathy

UN Security Council held on Saturday an emergency meeting on the bloody protests in Iran at a request of the United States of America.
US envoy to UN Security Council Nicky Healy said at an emergency meeting on the situation in Iran, that the voice of the Iranian people must be heard.
Healy explained that the Iranian regime is spreading chaos and instability in the region, adding that UN reports indicate that Tehran pays $ 6 billion to support the Syrian regime and does not pay to the poor people of Iran.
She called on the Iranian authorities to stop supporting terrorism, indicating that what is happening in the Iranian cities shows the regime’s disrespect to the rights of its people, and the world monitors its response to anti-government protests.
For his part, UN Assistant Secretary-General Taib Roquezoon, said the demonstrations in Iran were outraged on the high cost of Iran’s intervention in the region, pointing out that the demonstrators in Iran protested the deteriorating economic situation in the country.
The demonstrations called on many countries to demand from Tehran to respect the demonstrations and the rights of demonstrators, Roquezoon added.

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