Iran’s Shura Council holds a closed session on the protests

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Iran’s Shura Council holds a closed session on the protests
Riyadh - Almadaen-Hassan Fathy

Iranian Shura Council has held on Sunday a closed session to discuss the latest development of protests. The deputies listened to Interior Minister Abdul Rida Rahmani Fadli, Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alawi and Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani, who presented their reports on how to suppress the demonstrations that broke out in December, protesting against the high cost of living and governance, according to official website of Shoura Council.

The Council discussed protest’s reasons and the authorities’ reaction. The deputies also discussed the draft budget for the fiscal year that begins on 21 March. They also discussed the issue of restrictions on the social network Telegram, the most popular in Iran, during the protests.

“The Shura Council does not support the continued scrutiny of the Telegraph network, but it must give commitments so that the enemies of the Iranian people do not use it,” Council’s presidency spokesman Behruz Nemati said via Instagram.

They removed on Wednesday the closure imposed on “Instagram” to share images. While Telegram, which is used by more than 25 million people, still face restrictions, and accessing the network is still impossible on the mobile phone, it works only in case of using a private virtual network. The authorities asks Telegram to block channels created by Iranian opposition abroad.

The authorities said that demonstrations and suppression resulted the death of 21 people.

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