Yemen: Coalition raid kills 90 Houthi in al-Baidah province

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Yemen: Coalition raid kills 90 Houthi in al-Baidah province
Riyadh - Almadaen-Hassan Fathy

Arab Coalition to support legitimacy in Yemen on Saturday launched a raid on a training camp in al-Baidah province, killing more than 90 members of the Houthi militias.

The Media center of Popular Resistance in the province, stated that the coalition’s aircraft launched more than 7 raids on the alqasir camp overlooking the town of Rada’a and the training camp of the militias, in one of the areas located between the Qarn al-Asad and Reham in the administration of the Al-arsh.

The center said that among the dead Houthis, leader Ahmed Saif al-Zahab.

On the other hand, in the same province, the resistance prevented the attempt by the militias to develop sites in Wadi Zishan in the Zub area.

According to a field source, the resistance in the front of Qiva prevented the militia’s attempt, and killed and wounded in its ranks following battles between the two sides.

The source also said that the militia bombed the residential communities in the villages and areas of Zub with all types of heavy and medium weapons from their positions in the mountain of Jamidah, Hammam Zeraa and Sapla, beause of its defeat.

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